Make your first track in 7 days

Get started with the tools, techniques, and theory you need to make music.

Complete a track for free in just 7 days.

What you’ll learn

Explore the building blocks of a song including rhythm, melody, harmony, and more in a six-part tutorial series.

Pick up the fundamentals

  1. Getting to know your tools
  2. Making a beat
  3. Writing a melody
  4. Creating chord progressions
  5. Mixing and using effects
  6. Arranging and exporting your track

Daily lessons in your inbox

Watch bite-sized video tutorials that walk you through how to create a track. Dig into the theory behind what you’re making in supporting articles.

Just bring a computer

The course comes with a free trial of a digital audio workstation (DAW) and one month of Splice Sounds—all you need for your first track. 

Sign up and get started

The DAW is the central software - the hub - for music creation and editing. Sign up and get a free 14-day trial to Studio One 5.

Studio One 5

Known for its intuitive experience, sleek interface, and attention to detail, PreSonus’ flagship DAW makes space for creative flow.

Sounds to shape your song

Splice Sounds offers millions of royalty-free samples from your favorite artists, producers, and sound designers. In this course, you'll learn how to use them as a foundation for your music. Enjoy a free month of Splice Sounds when you sign up to get you started.

Your fans are waiting...

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